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Tour Reelfoot Lake (Intro)

My brother and I went to Reelfoot Lake this morning. We took the three hour tour around the lake. It was nice, decent breeze, shade, and not too hot. I also had some decent eye candy for the trip, too. I was just taking pictures of the scenery when he noticed and he started avoiding looking in my direction. I had to shoot from my lap to get the pictures I did.

Just don't get too attached to the eye candy. He was there with his parents and younger brother so I doubt he's legal yet.

The tour guide was pleasant on the eyes as well.

I'm pretty sure he's legal, though.

It would have been nice to get a picture of the other guide I saw in the visitors center, but oh well; can't have everything. :-P

When I get back to Las Vegas and my 10 megabit connection I'll upload all the pictures I took. I may even get around to uploading some other pictures I've had sitting on my computer. That includes the pictures from the Atlanta trip last year, which I doubt I've even written about yet. Eep.

Oh yes, one more thought on the trip. We went to lunch to a little place on the lake front. We got a nice mid-age female waiter. A few minutes later I noticed a young male waiter serving the table next to ours. When I commented on how I almost never get the male waiter my brother started loudly laughing out loud. When we were ready to go and our waiter wasn't in sight I did get to flag him down for a to-go box. I resisted the urge to also ask for his number.

This trip is inspiring my imagination to do outrageous stupid things, like inviting myself to the table of a cute guy at a restaurant [who may or may not be sitting by himself] and striking up a conversation even if I don't know they're gay.

PS: I finally got one of my favorite songs from DDR on iTunes. Mmm...
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