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Run-in At Hastings: A Ghost From The Past

I went back to Hastings Monday just before the flight. I went to the DS game section and checked which ones they had. They didn't have one of the three I really would have preferred so I selected Animal Crossing: Wild World and Curious Village. I looked around for someone to get them from the case but didn't see anyone. I wandered to the book section and saw an associate talking to some girl. As I approached he diverted his attention from her to ask if I needed anything. Upon hearing my request he said he didn't have the keys but could page someone who did.

I went back to the DS game section and started looking for an associate to approach. As I looked around I saw him. He started looking at the game cases to see who had made the request. When he saw me there was an instant facial change like "You??". I'm not sure but it may have been followed by "No....". Oh, the look was priceless. I said "Hey", like a greeting between old pals, then switched to "I'm looking to get a couple of DS games.".

I'm considering getting another restaurant gift card mailed there for old times sake. heh

... *face-palm*
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