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Motorcycle Licensing

While in Chicago I got to drive a motorcycle. It was mostly just the basics and riding in first gear (~10 to 15 miles per hour, maybe). I've been looking into a motorcycle as an alternate mode of transportation from my dying car. Since then I no longer feel like I'm going to instantly die the moment I get on a motorcycle.

I wanted to take a beginner motorcycle class. That would allow me to get more familiar with riding a motorcycle at higher speeds, make sure I knew all the basics, and allow me to bypass the written and skills licensing tests. The only problem is that their classes are completely booked. They don't accept cancellations and there is no standby or wait list. There also won't be any more classes until September and those won't be open for scheduling until August 18th.

The lady who was giving me this information was being very rude with her tone. She sounded tired of answering the same questions over and over. I actually stopped her from repeating herself (even though I hadn't asked the same question) to remind her she doesn't need to be rude (she claimed she wasn't and was just answering the same question for the third time) and reminded her what my actual question was at that point. That has me a little irritated now, but I'll be okay soon enough.

Since September is the earliest I can possibly take the class I'll be looking into taking the written and skills test now. I'll need to get a co-worker with a motorcycle to go with me to the DMV for the skills test. I was trying not to let the cat out of the bag to them until I arrived on a motorcycle, but oh well. Surprises are overrated anyway.

More details on the Chicago and Cleveland trips another time. More details about life in general.
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