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In the market for a new cellphone (pda/smart)

It turns out that I'm in the market for a new cellphone and service provider a lot sooner than I thought. For some reason I thought I had gotten my phone in October but it turns out the contract expires the 17th of August. Since I won't be able to transfer my existing phone number (booo.....) I'm starting to look now.

I don't use a phone primarily as a phone, though, so just any phone won't do. The primary features will be email, scheduling (calendar; prefer custom reminder times beyond on time, 5, 10, 15 min, 1, 2 hour, 1, 2 day), contact management, notes, and possibly web. If I can I'll also get an SSH and IM client. Thus I will also require a QWERTY keyboard. (Touch screen isn't necessary but would be nice)

I'm currently looking at the iPhone. If I can get one of the cheaper voice plans with unlimited data then that will suffice for me. Another plus with an iPhone is that I've had the idea for application development dropped in my lap that I would like to pursue, although that may require also getting a regular mac computer. I am somewhat discouraged to get an iphone since several of my co-workers now have one. On the flip side that does mean it's fairly mainstream and I won't have to fight the phone too much just to get the technical things done that I want.

Does anyone have a smart phone that has all the features I'm looking for and doesn't try to make the user pay for every little basic feature they use (the primary reason I'm leaving Verizon)? Or, alternatively, can anyone give me a good reason not to get an iPhone (Beyond the fact that it is expensive; I expect any smart phone to be "expensive" compared to a no-frills phone and data-less plan)?
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