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It's my life; choices

I am thoroughly disgusted by DVDs that refuse to do what I want. I just want to watch the movie, screw the previews, production intro, and even the title screen. Most of the time they don't do it completely so I can get around it by fast-fowarding, skipping to the next chapter, or going to the root menu. On rare occasion I have to wait through the legal warning, the production company introduction, and another 10 seconds for the root menu introduction to play. ... Thus why I like Linux because I can do what I want.

The movie in question is Shelter, which I've found to be very good (beyond the above points). The romance is very sweet and the characters don't act overly stupid (They have a brain and they use it, mostly). Some of the lingo is out of my league but it's not done too much. I'm actually watching it again (which is why the above points annoyed me quite so much). I do think Shaun looked better with his hair almost shaved than when he grows it out at the end scenes, but that's a minor gripe.

I still think owning Tomb Raider I && II kills my gay creds (not that I have any), even with Legally Blonde sitting under it and Touch of Pink on the rack above it. They're fun movies, though.

... I sometimes wonder why Acer bothered to make two keys on my laptop specifically for € and $ (both above the left and right arrow keys). Oh well, whatever.
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