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Gay by any other word

What do you think when someone calls something gay? Do you think it's acceptable? Do you admonish them for it? Are you annoyed but let it slide? Do you think less of them?

Last night I was at a co-worker's house hanging out with him, his wife, and some of their friends. One of their friends in particular called things 'gay' several times throughout the evening. After he said it the fourth or so time I called him out on it. I asked him to stop calling things gay because it made no sense, there is nothing in the meaning of the word to support the usage. He quipped back that he had a number of homosexual friends, one closer than most (no idea what that was supposed to mean), who didn't have a problem with it. He also said that people curse and that doesn't make sense but they do it anyway (which seemed like trying to justify his own view as just part of popular view).

It irks me when someone calls something gay. The word has no meaning that supports the usage. They could get away with calling something queer as it has plenty of meanings for what they're referencing (minus the fact that gays have started calling themselves a word that is still used in a negative manner on them, much the same way that blacks do (which I also disagree with)). The only way calling something gay makes sense in the context is if you're also saying that being gay is a bad thing.

Regardless of if you disagree or agree with me I want to hear your opinion on the matter. I want to see what the general consensus is as well as any individual arguments.
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