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A year in review

I've seen the 'year in review' meme floating around on my friend and friend of a friend lists. I've made a couple of my own personal enhancements to the meme text (linking to the entry by the month name and copying the formatting of the first sentence exactly).

(The mood has nothing to do with this entry. I'll post another entry with information on that.)

January: If my co-workers knew I was listening to Country music (it's a rare thing, but it happens) they would probably think I was nuts... if they didn't already anyway.

February: I got home from work and went to check the mail but a note on the mail room door said that the lock was jammed.

March: The cats were brought back a couple of hours ago.

April: Last night I had a 'bad' dream.

May: My humor recovery process failed on the way back from lunch Friday so I ended up outing myself.

June: Argh, it's 4:30 in the morning and my neighbor has been outside on his cellphone talking all night long.

July: Did anyone expect anything else from me?

August: While in Chicago I got to drive a motorcycle.

September: The TV at Outback had an ad for a Christian music album called "I Can Only Imagine".

October: This weekend I took the beginning motorcycle course.

November: What do you think when someone calls something gay?

December: I let the guy at Fantastic Sams talk me into getting a dye job the next time I go.
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