Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Be Sorted

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<lj-cut><img src="" width="197 height="106" alt="i'm in ravenclaw!"><br>Well you're one smart little cookie, aren't you? You're wise and clever, and just love to use your wit and learning to your advantage, and sometimes even the disadvantage of others. Well, you nerd, there IS a world outside of that copy of 'Hogwarts: A History', ya know.. Oh don't worry! We all know you're special. You're just a naturally good learner, right? *mummble mummble* Not too much is known about your house right now.. Wow! You're not only intellegent, you're also an enigma!<br><a href="" target="0">Be Sorted</a><br><font size="-2">@ <a href="" target="0"></a></font></lj-cut>
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