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Free spirit


And so ends another day. Today I accomplished........ ..... Nothing! haha. Yes, that's right folks, I did nothing today. This is not a good thing... usually I can find Something to do.

I don't know where to stand. I don't enjoy the luxuries most worldly people do and I most certainly don't stand with the conservative people most of my beliefs are like (church people) so... I'm just floating like a free spirit with no where to hold to. What I need is someone to hang out with. I can't hang out with girls cause in the end they want to date me and then I can't hang out with guys cause then I want to date them! Bah! It's so confusing.

Well, the ACT confirmation letter came in yesterday and it's set to happen at the LSU campus on the 14th of June.

I've been so tired lately. Even sleeping more than usual. I've gotten about 10-12 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours. O.o

I dunno... Rob seems nice, even if on the unknown side. and especially on the long distance side. Just need to find something more in common to connect along. We tried doing this little RP community thing however that didn't go too well. You can read my character info below:


The lean elf rests calmly against the wall, wearing a pure black, hooded cloak to hide his appearance. He stands approximately five and a half feet tall with a few stray strands of silver hair peeking out of the top of the hood. Under his cloak he wears a white tunic, white trousers, and green utility belt. He has a light skin complexion and a clean shaved face, although neither are rarely seen.


A quiver of arrows hangs from his back without restricting his movement in the least. He walks with a staff bent by a thread that also serves as a bow when needed. The utility belt has several items including a magic focus gem and a bag of teleportation which can bring items from his house to him instantly. All items on him are magicly fastened to him to avoid losing anything.


His history is not well known to anyone. He was orphaned at a young age and wandered the land, living off his mental abilities to move objects with his mind he 'borrowed' items for the duration of his stay in a place. He learning from magicians and archers where he could although after a few weeks of study with each mentor he became better than they could teach him and moved on to another city, another country, and another mentor.

After nearly two centuries of this he is now settled down in a thick grove of woods to live as a hermit. Where, no one is sure. It is said that if you walk into any woods seeking him, you will find him.

Well, I'm outta here... Night folks.
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