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Organizing comics

Normally I organize my comics by day of update by folder. For example the 'Monday' folder contains all comics that update on Monday, and so forth. I also have a folder for All comics (for reference) and 'Old, Retired, or Inactive' (again, for reference).

Unstable comics, comics that don't have a set schedule to update or regularly don't follow it, were causing a slight problem with this system. I either put them in one of the day folders as a note to check if they've updated (or when they were supposed to update) or I would keep them in the top level folder to check whenever I felt like it (which was quite often). Now that I have a feed reader set up I've been able to move a lot of the unstable and hiatus comics to it. I then removed them from my regular comic update bookmarks so everything is nice and clean again.
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