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Planning the vacation road trip

Walking directions from Las Vegas, NV to Los Angeles, CA to San Francisco, CA: 694 miles, about 9 days and 14 hours.

Ahahahaha XD

Anyway, back on topic. Around May I'm looking into taking a little vacation. So far the plan involves one part on the west coast and another on the east coast. For the west coast I'll be renting a car and driving from Las Vegas, through Los Angeles, and up to San Francisco. For the east coast I'm looking at Atlanta, GA for the weekend of May the 23rd, possibly Virginia Beach, VA, and maybe up to New York, NY. Since the west coast trip has no definite dates that may happen before or after the east coast trip. There is also a family reunion in Bradenton, FL the first weekend of April that I may be attending.

If you or someone you know are in, along, or near one of these places (the above is just a general outline; I'm willing to swing quite a ways out of the way to visit people as that is the goal of these trips) and would like to meet up to hang out or even offer a place to crash for a night or two please let me know. Please don't feel obligated to offer me a place to crash, though; if I'm unable to find a place to stay with someone on here then I'm sure I can find a host on CouchSurfing.

My lease will be up around April so I'm going to look into putting my stuff in storage and finding someone to room with for a little while before and after the trip. That will probably save a month worth of rent so that's a plus.

For reference here's a link to routes for a idea of what's between general destinations:
West Coast
East Coast

I was going to write a 'poke' list of people along the route until I realized that there are quite a few of you.
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