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Follow my mind: Speaking of...

A while back I realized the family name is dying in my dad's branch. Neither of my dad's male siblings had kids. All the women are now married and changed their last name. The only two male children are unlikely to get married or even have biological children. The name is as good as dead already.

Speaking of the family name, the family reunion this year is in Bradenton, Florida. I've already booked my round trip flight to Tampa departing April 2nd and returning April 6th. Tomorrow I'll file for the time off from work.

Speaking of trips, I'm still planning on the west and east coast trip in May. I'll be filing for time off (paid and unpaid) next week as well. My last day of work will be May 8th and the first day back will be June 1st. The only solid plan so far is that I will be in Atlanta, Georgia May 22nd through 24th. The east coast trip will be before or after that and the west coast trip will most likely be before that.

I have a Twitter account now. Like most other services I just signed up to follow other people. I don't plan on posting anything to it since I can just as easily post to LiveJournal and no one seems to mind 138/whatever character posts.

Speaking of Twitter, I'm following my boss and a co-worker on Twitter. It's interesting, to say the least. Still no co-workers following my LiveJournal, though (yet, hah).

Speaking of LiveJournal and co-workers, several people in our sibling group discovered a previous employees LiveJournal. They spent a couple of hours mocking the contents. I wasn't pleased with this and other instances of very caustic behavior by these same people.

I'm slowing going through and throwing away a bunch of items from my fridge and freezer. I just threw away an unopened box of pizza rolls with a 'best by' date of September 30th, 2007. A couple of unopened boxes of toaster strudels also went the way of the trash can. The other day I also threw away a bunch of stuff some previous couch surfers had left behind.

I need to get going. There's a poly meetup at 5pm that I have to get ready for. I also need to go shopping to restock on the common food essentials (milk, orange juice, frozen dinners, etc).
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