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Tell All: Time to come clean

The reason I was at Godiva last night was to get some chocolates for a friend. Since it's close to my work and she couldn't make the trip herself she asked if I could pick up some for her for her husband as a valentine's day gift. It was also a good way to get them without him knowing. I got an assorted box of 16 Ganaches (non-fruity) and other simple chocolates. I made the trip over a little bit ago and gave them the box so I'm free to give the full story about last night. :-)

That's my good deed for the day. In a little bit I'll continue with my ulterior motive plans. I'm going to head for the theater in the same outdoor mall as the Godiva shop. It's not the closest theater but I want to see if he's there again and if I can get a second chance.

PS: Papa Johns Supreme with light Jalapeno peppers is still as good as I remember it. Star Bucks Chai Latte Tea is okay, but a bit too subtle for my taste. I prefer the bolder variant I can make myself using powder from the store. Mmm...
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