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Catch Up Time!

Okay, I realize I haven't really updated lately so... here goes nothing.

The two games that have my attention the most right now are Dragon Raja and Ragnarok Online. More the latter because I can keep Gaim open while I play ^_^ Although it crashes quite so often isn't a good thing... I'm still playing it though so I guess that just says it's good enough for me to put up with restarting my computer every half hour =P

The cloak I asked my brother to send down hasn't gotten here yet. I was expecting it last week however he didn't get it mailed off then. They had some tornadoes up near them and what not. I talked to him again either Saturday or Sunday and he was going to send it down Monday along with my mom's mother's day gift reimbursement (piano tune up... waddya know, she doesn't even play it) however the check game in a envelope yesterday and still no sign of the package with a cloak in it. *sigh*

There are three possible reasons it isn't here. [a] major shipping delays (yeah right). [b] brother hasn't sent it yet... again. [c] my mom is holding it hostage because she doesn't want me to wear it, thereby not fitting in the image of "old fashioned" she tells everyone we all fit as. (Hey, I'd believe it. My parents sent back my free issue of Men's Health magazine because they thought it was porn!)

I'm sure I heard somewhere that christians don't force others into their faith, however I'm sure my parents are taking the most forceful subtle approach around to get me to do what they want. Things like "This is the quietest world you'll ever be in" and such... It really annoys me and if they keep it up I have a mind to pop them. I know that isn't a good thing to do but it would shut them up -.-' There is a reason I'm "Not Religious", and not because I don't believe in god or whatever. I don't believe there isn't a god nor do I believe there is one... I just ... don't do that.

Mmrrr... Shelley can just do whatever the 'meep' she wants, cause I'm going to keep using that. ("Mmrrr") I thought of it on my own without taking it from anyone so BAH!

Rob has been accepted to Job Corps and went into it today so, from what I understand, we'll only be able to talk on the weekends now... meh. I like the way we talk about things that would normally be considered 'bad'. (or whatever) (like saying .... wait, can't say that. my mom reads this, haha) :-p We haven't said anything to the effect of being bf/bf however we've both made inclinations towards that. ^_^ I'm not sure it'd be the greatest idea seeing as he lives in Arizona and is now occupied with Job Corps for the next two years. However, I am open to the idea... so long as he never drinks again O.o I'll handle the smoking as long as it isn't in front of me. (ie, go outside and smoke then come back in) but it'd be that much better if he didn't at all =P

Jobs.... I hate job hunting. I have no problem working at a job if I didn't have to go hunting for it. So far I've tried applying at WEST, no one under 18. Went for Wal-Mart, again no one under 18. The movie theater Tinseltown never called back. K-Mart hasn't called back either. Neither has the library! BAH HUM BUG!

Of course that only helps my parent's agenda of keeping me under their roof. See, once I get a job I'll be able to support myself more, which includes a car and my own transportation. Thus, I can go see boyfriends or visit online friends I have yet to meet. (Anna, Rob, Leo, and maybe a few others) meh

I've been really tired and sleepy lately. An hour after I get up and I'm usually back in bed. Heck, I got about 10 hours (split in two) of sleep this morning and I'm ready to go back to sleep, again. I really do need to be more active. or something!

My sister's kid's friend Chase really amuses me. Here they are supposed to be a "wholesome values" family and then along comes Chase riding down the street without a shirt =D Oh, and did you know the youngest kid, Matthew, knows that Chase wears boxers? O.o mwhahahaha I wonder how he knows that.

Ahh, how the little ones are "raped" of their innocense. The only reason it is a big deal is because we are told it isn't right. Okay, for goodness sakes, people wore Robes in jesus's day and then people were naked in the garden of eden... according to the bible anyway. The reason we make such a big deal about going without cloths is because of the way we were brought up. Our parents TOLD us it isn't right, so we think it isn't right. If our parents didn't tell us it's not right, we would all be perfectly fine. Err... okay, off subject here, heh. .... nothing else to say about that subject anyway

The chiropractor visit Wednesday was nice. heh, made him really work today, compared to the other visits. He did quite a few different things. The in-office part of the visit lasted about fifteen or so minutes. I can't say for sure since I don't wear a watch but it was quite a bit of time... compared to previous visits anyway.

Meow.... yep, I believe I've run out of things to say... for now O=)

Some people may not like being disturbed in AIM/ICQ/Yahoo/MSN while they're doing something however I like having people to talk to while I do things. It makes the thing more interesting, at least for me.


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