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Housing Situation Update

I don't think I've mentioned this but for better or worse I've put in my notice of intent to vacate for my current place. I need to be completely out and keys turned in before the first of May.

I'd like to find somewhere closer to work and cheaper. To get something cheaper I would probably have to revert to an apartment but much smaller or find somewhere with roommates. Most of the places I've seen on Craigslist are about the same distance and/or state "No Guests".

I was able to find a master bedroom w/private bath less than 2 miles from work, 550/month + utilities, and that doesn't have a problem with the occasional guest. I've spoken with the owner and the two other roommates and none of them have a problem with my orientation either. I've already put in an application and am just waiting for a response back.

I've requested a 6 month lease so I have room to wiggle sooner rather than later if the need arises. The owner would prefer a year lease but is open to a minimum of 6 months. In our last communication he mentioned he was just sorting out things with some other applicants. This has me wondering if I should offer to pay 600/month + utilities (still less than half of what I'm paying now) since I'm requesting a shorter lease. The guy and his wife who are moving out said they're currently paying 800/month + utilities.

Should I offer or just wait and see what happens?
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