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A sucker is born every minute...

A sucker is born every minute, and today that sucker is me.

I just bought another motorcycle. Not nearly as much as last time, and under the limit of what I was looking to pay, but the motorcycle is also older with more mileage on it. It's a 2002 Suzuki Bandit 600 with 16K miles on it. The expected mileage of that size motor and year is 22K miles. The retail value of the expected parameters is just under 3,000$. After tax I'm paying 4,000$. At least I "talked" them down from the refurbish fee and the original quote of around 4,600$.

In other news I did go ahead and offer the raised monthly lease amount for that place. He appreciated the offer but let me know he was originally asking 700 a month and another lady would get back to him by next weekend on that (he was trying to get her to decide sooner as his finances are a bit tight right now and needed the higher monthly cash flow). I spent some time thinking about it, decided it was still worth it, and offered to match her monthly payment. He said that would even the decision process and get back to me by the end of the weekend. I'm still hoping.

Update: As it turns out, as the figures go, I didn't get out of the refurbishing fee after all. They just lowered the price of the unit to where after adding that in and adding tax it equaled exactly what I said. I did end up paying closer to the real retail value for the bike, but ... whatever.
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