Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Movies and stuff

I saw X-Men: Wolverine today. I know the comic book readers will probably disagree but I thought it was very interesting. I'm about to see Battle for Terra In 3D, but I was looking at the wrong theater and have about 30 minutes (7:10, currently 6:40) to wait. I have tickets to see the Thursday at 10:10pm showing of Star Trek, right after I see a local play adaption of Grease (I haven't seen the movie).

Yesterday I went to the Pride festival. Prior to that I had gone to the DMV to return plates on the Camry (expired and donated), report the Suzuki SV650 as totaled, register the Suzuki Bandit, and file a change of address. The evening before I had gone to the Pride parade.

So far the only plans I have for my vacation is organizing all my stuff at the new place and the trip to San Fransico for the Google I/O developer conference.

I'm having my lower wisdom teeth extracted on June 15th. I need to schedule plans for the GameHavoc CHI-MAYHEM gathering in Chicago in July.

Yeah, that's kind of a lot going on over the next few months, but at the same time not a whole lot. :-/
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