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Books; Podcasts; Corrective Eye Procedure

I've taken up reading again. I picked up the Wind trilogy (Winds of Fate, Winds of Change, and Winds of Fury) by Mercedes Lackey. I also have the second book of the Shadow of Saganami series by David Weber queued.

I'm looking for more Podcasts to listen to while doing regular house work. I just started with the Stack Overflow podcast. Do any of you have any other podcasts you would suggest for technical related material? Or anything really?

I'm looking into corrective eye procedures. I can only ride my motorcycle with the full helmet while wearing contacts, yet at the same time I get tired earlier in the evening while wearing the contacts. I also want to get rid of dealing with contacts/glasses in the morning and evening. And on the selfish side of things I want to be able to clearly see anyone I'm in bed with. A couple of people at game night have had it done so I'll be getting their opinion too.
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