Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Leaving Washington, DC; Travel laptops

On the bus to the airport. We've hit traffic on the interstate. It is just as well that I still have two hours until my flight leaves (no idea how long from here to airport).

My stay in Washington, DC was nice. It would have been nice to visit New York as well but I doubt I could have handled all the walking in just one day. As it is I've been taking it very lesuirely between sights in DC and surrounding areas. I'll write up more about the entire trip when I can get the pictures uploaded. Tonight I'll be busy preparing for tomorrow's road trip so that probably won't be until the beginning of June.

Laptops seem to have gone up in price over the last 6 months. ripper82 had found one on NewEgg for under 400$ with very nice stats, but at the moment the only laptops they have are over 400$. They have some netbooks but the screen size is only 10", versus the smallest 14" of a laptop. I'll just have to refrain from an impulse buy with rush delivery and instead keep an eye out for better deals.
Tags: vacation, washington dc
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