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Falling behind; Picture Info

There comes a time when a person must recognize they cannot keep up with things. When the backlog represents more than can feasibly gone through while still keeping up with new events. When ...

Sorry, I haven't reached that point yet. I'm not willing to recognize defeat just yet. Maybe when I attempt to do it again in June after this next week and a half.

Oh yes, I took over 2 GiB of pictures in Washington, DC. That might take a while to upload, especially if I attempt to filter and sort them, never mind adding descriptions. I still don't like the methods and types of photo management and display available. :-\

I'm going to run down to Fry's and see if they have a decent netbook or laptop without feeling completely ripped off. I'd like to get something a little speedier (the memory in this one is DDR333). I want to leave this laptop here, and maybe try putting Ubuntu (instead of Kubuntu) on the new one (... that I'll dedicate an entire entry to).
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