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In San Francisco

I've safely made it to San Francisco and arrived at my hosts house. Not officially through CouchSurfing or anything but that's okay, maybe even better.

Of the half dozen seemingly active members I contacted for LA only one responded to say they already had other guests from Germany for this weekend. I'm also noticing a certain favoritism for international travelers. It's nice that you want to get to know such completely different people, but I highly doubt you know as much about all of your fellow countrymen as you think you do. *shakes head*

Anyway, time to find things to do here in SF. There's the Castro "down the street" (in inaccurate simplified usage). I need to find a map of the public transit and see how to get to a theater for Night Of The Museum. Probably should find a guide to point out the interesting parts of the city? *hint hint*

So, here's the plan:
23rd - 26th: Explore, Meet, Greet, & Eat
27th & 28th: Google I/O Developer Conference
29th - 31st: More of the first, returning to LA for more of the first, or going directly back to LV.
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