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New age of "Majority"

Posted this in the Excite response board concerning the poll of the day and reposting here.

Personally I think the Age of Majority should be changed to whenever you're out of high school, not before or during. You have a carefree mindset during high school that kids think they can get away with things, and for most things they should (although not without some penalties). Before/during high school it is a kid's time to experiment and find their nook in life without facing all the problems adults do. (supporting themselves and such)

Once you're out of high school, wither by GED or graduating or drop out, you should be tried as an adult because the kid thinks they are adult enough to be out of high school. You should also be allowed to hold all the privileges as an adult, such as undeniable to jobs because of minor age, driving (w/passed driving test, of course), and such.

I think all the kids in the Hazing should be tried as minors (18 y/o included) because they were all in high school, technically, at the time. Community service and/or a small fine (paid by them), but no jail time. If they graduated the previous year then fine, try them as adult as far as I'm concerned, those shouldn't have been there to begin with, at least not participating.

meh.... still too early. debating going back to sleep or staying up and playing RagnarokOnline.
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