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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Another reply in the Excite Sound Off forum

When I said they get away with it, I mean it isn't going to be on an offical record and it won't be held against them later. They'll still get community service or watched carefully for future deviations however they won't get jail time unless the crime is horrible enough to warrent it. (murder and things jepordizing another's life such as a bank robbery)

If you think kids today have it easy, perhaps you should live life in their footsteps and minds for a few years without comparing it to your own childhood... say, 12 years. Parents prodding us to "get a job" but as soon as we find one in a theater they don't want us to work there because of their dislike for the enviroment. Peer pressure (I, for one, was lucky enough not be bothered by this), teachers and parents pushing you to do better in school, it all adds up no matter how minor. If you'd care to think of it like an equation then try number-of-problems^2 and you can only handle so much before snapping.

[I have also made several other posts there however I don't see that they're significant enough to post journal entries over. See them here]

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