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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
It's good to be home again
I'll start off by saying I'm thankful I'm home in one piece. One sweaty, partially dehydrated, and very smelly piece, but still just one piece. I could have done without dropping my bike in sand, almost dropping it a half dozen times more trying to get out of the sand, and being left behind because I didn't want to even attempt a loose gravel road path, but I'm still thankful I made it home in one piece. I also could have done without dropping the bike when trying to get it in the garage, but I'm just glad to be home now.

My roommate helped me pick it up and get it into the garage. He drove his car out and let me put my bike in the only open garage spot the three of us have. I'll need to replace the handlebar clutch lever (it broke off) and also the two left side turn signal lights. Otherwise I think it's in workable condition. I'll see what it takes to fix those myself if I can just get the parts. I've put a box fan on the shopping list.

My car still works so I'll be taking that around in the mean time. Tomorrow, though. I'm going to take a shower, find something to eat, and probably veg in front of the TV. Not much is going to tempt me to go out again tonight. Well, maybe a movie. That's only a few streets away. Midnight movie, if I'm still awake? Possibly.

I appreciate all my friends and I'm glad to be here in the land of the living with you. Until I see you again, stay safe.

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