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When I screw up I screw up big time.

I downgraded my old laptop from Kubuntu Jaunty to Hardy because its video card isn't supported by the latest official ATI drivers now (which is all that Jaunty would support). It was causing it to use the open source version of the ATI drivers which weren't very good, thus most graphics processing was being put on the CPU and slowing everything down. On top of that KDE4 was just driving me nuts (that's a story for another entry).

Like a fool I didn't pay enough attention to the installation process and it wiped the entire hard drive instead of just the secondary partition. Now my entire iTunes library is gone, again. I had episodes of the first season of Ben 10 (the original series) downloaded I hadn't gotten around to watching yet. I do have an OGG version of all my music I had downloaded since the last time I did something similarly stupid, but still. I was hoping not to repeat that mistake. Huh.

I really wish it would have detected the existing Linux partitions and only offered to overwrite them. That I could have lived with, mostly. I also made another mistake; back in Linux I forgot to backup the localhost directory, which contained all my personal web development files. There went files for IK, previous freelance projects, framework ideas, among many other things I've worked on over the years. On the plus side I should have a backup of that on the old desktop (if somewhat outdated), but I have to get it working again first. A few months before my last move it inexplicably stopped responding so I turned it off until I could get around to hooking a monitor up and figuring out what happened. I plan on backing up any files on it and installing Mythbuntu for DVR ability.

Oops. Oops. Oops. Ugh.
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