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I decided to make myself a cake this year. Nothing too fancy or involving; just a box of cake mix, a can of icing, and a pack of candles. Below are pictures of the process. You can click on any of them to go to the full gallery page where you can view a size bigger or the parent album for alternate shots of all the pictures (or smaller thumbnails). Enjoy.

Laying out all the ingredients prior to getting started.

Mix, Butter, Egg, & Water all ready to be mixed.

Mixed and poured into the cake pan. Ready to be baked.

Setting the temperature and time.

Tasting the batter now that the cake is in the over. Mmm.

What 'cu lookin' at?

One baked cake. Removed the borders.

All iced up. Looks festive.

Yep, that's the new age. I doubt I'll remember it.

Ooo, fire. Must not play. ;-)

And that's it. I had a slice last night and will be taking it to work this morning. It was okay until other people started insisting I had to do something. I don't like being pushed into things and it turns me away from them. I'll live, though.

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