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Automatic Eye Adjustments

On Saturday I found a copy of David Weber's latest book in the Safehold series (By Heresies Distressed) at a local Barnes & Noble. While reading it I took my glasses off so they wouldn't get in the way while laying in bed (I tend to roll back and forth as I switch sides of the book I'm reading). As I resumed reading I noticed that the words were just a little double visioned, which is easily confused as being blurry from a distance.

Lately I've been wearing my glasses more often than my contacts since I haven't taken the time to get a refill of the contacts. I've often fell asleep with the glasses on so they've gotten bent plenty. I've also been getting headaches fairly frequently (every few days) since I started wearing the glasses regularly again.

This morning I took the time to straighten them out. Not only were they crooked with one appearing lower/higher than the other, but they were rotated forward/backward as well. Now that they're perfectly straight my eyes are having flashes of disorientation when I move my head or attempt to look out the edges.

With the problem fixed it will probably take a little while for my eyes to adjust back to normal. If It gets worse or doesn't get better within a couple of weeks I'll schedule an appointment to get it checked out. With this episode it will be a while longer before I attempt to get checked out for corrective eye surgery.

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