Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Misc Random Thoughts

Random thoughts that don't take up entire paragraphs to relay.

  • I find the term 'breeder' to be very offensive. It's just as bad as calling something 'gay' when they mean 'odd' or 'bad', or calling a gay person queer or a fag in a derogatory manner. It really is a derogatory term and most gay people who use it don't care.
  • Why do a lot of cartoons on Cartoon Network insistent on making versions of their characters which attempt to look very grotesque? What is so funny about pointing out moles, facial hair, and what-not in an exaggerated manner?
  • I'm watching more HGTV. Current show is Landscape Smart. This reminds me why I want a decent sized backyard.
  • I've begun noticing a bunch of little user interface annoyances, especially with games. For example a lack of keyboard shortcuts to trigger actions necessary to gameplay, requiring a long series of clicks or key commands to get to a commonly used action, requiring a very repetitive sequence of actions before you can get to the meat of the game (establishing a base on every new scenario), or not providing enough information about the current gane state (unit position (mini-map) on a scrolling field).
  • I haven't changed much over the years. I still look about the same (or a little worse for wear). I still act about the same (maybe a little less whiny but perhaps a little more critical).
  • I just bought a "Factory-renewed" 80-hr TiVo® Series2™ DT DVR with 1 year of service. I bought the wireless adapter on NewEgg since it was about 30% cheaper. I figured I wasn't going to get around to creating a MythTV box so I decided to get something cheap-ish for now. Plus I can always hack the box and maybe make it do more of what I wanted a regular computer to do too.
  • I also bought a Class 6 microSD and SDHC card (one of each) for my phone and camera. This should make transfers and loading a lot faster. Eventually I'll probably root the G1 and use the SD card to hold applications so it will be useful for that too.
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