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New Potential Roommate

If everything pans out it looks like I'll have a new upstairs roommate. Male, 31 years old, white, blonde hair. The downstairs roommate and I suspect he's a Mormon because he doesn't drink, smoke, etc and has family that lives in Salt Lake City. There is no confirmation on that yet, of course. He didn't seem like the kind of guy to preach so I doubt that will be a concern. Other than that he seems like a decent guy.

As he was leaving we were discussing the circumstances as to why I was put on a month-to-month lease, because the landlord wanted a quick out in case the existing two tenents had a problem with me being gay after the fact. His response was "I'm cool with that. Yeah, I have a girlfriend you'll probably see a lot of." It seems to be a rather typical response to "I'm gay" being "I have a girlfriend/wife" when it wasn't phrased as a "I'm gay, are you?" sort of question. Ehh... Whatever.
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