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Getting stuff done

It's good to see things getting crossed of the to do list finally.

I wasted Saturday so I started writing down everything I needed or wanted to get done before Monday. One of the items was critical for work so there was no way I could put off the entire thing. I also continued organizing my room (and turning things upside down looking for a receipt) so naturally the list of things to do increased as papers moved, wires were untangled, and objects put in a more proper place. More were added even after the weekend could be considered over.

As of right now the list has 19 items, of which 8 are already crossed off. Four of the items I really wanted to get done during the weekend didn't, but aren't of world-shattering importance. They still need done, but probably not tonight.

Items that have been crossed off so far:

  • Issue for work (had to be done before Monday)
  • Partition Phone's microSD card.
  • Root Phone.
  • Upgrade Phone to App2SD & Donut. (actually just a cross-bred mod of Cupcake & Donut)
  • Empty Dishwasher & load dirty Dishes.
  • Dry clothes & wash socks (plus half a dozen other loads).
  • Reprogram TiVo remote to forward 32 seconds instead of 30 (not an option, sadly).
  • Call Eye Doctor about contact order.

Many of the remaining items are considerably larger than those already crossed off, and a few just as small.

  • Finish Linear Vertical Navigation Interface.
  • Find an excuse to go to Town Square again.
  • Review QVegas & "gay" spa (eg. what makes it a 'gay' spa?).
  • Write technical details for Cloud Data App
  • Mobile friendly LJ style pages.
  • Investigate Networked RAID storage.
  • Card for previous co-worker
  • Card for sister's baby (shower).
  • Cycle Gear for Sun share & passenger bags.
  • Call/Email [site] regarding followup on 'fraudulent' charges.

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