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I Am... (current thought state)

I am
  • Reading slides by Sebastian Bergmann about PHP.
  • Researching methods to circumvent circular references.
  • Being annoyed by my inability to do anything on Stack Overflow.
    When first participating you can only ask or answer questions. Voting and commenting require you to have done at least two of those before (of course to ask a question it has to have never been answered before or it will just be marked a duplicate and you'll be sneered at for not searching first) (of course to answer a question you have to be the first to offer the most generally acceptable answer, even if it's not entirely correct). There is only so much knowledge out there and as soon as you reach the pentacle of questions and answers then the contributions stop.
  • Attempting to design a better Deterministic finite-state machine for data workflows.
  • Wishing I had the ability to change Facebook such that it only displayed the count of comments on a status message until clicked.
    Being able to see the last two comments of six is not only useless it's actually very annoying since I haven't seen the previous comments already. I know "everyone" else is so addicted to facebook they notice every comment on their friends' status as soon as they come in, but I only check it once every other day or so.
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