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English Grammar Issues

Here are a couple of issues I have with current usages of English grammar.

I don't think punctuation should be in the quote if it's not part of the quoted text. It can become confusing when punctuation is part of the quote yet the sentence doesn't actually end, or you're trying to convey the exact text that was used which doesn't contain punctuation yet does end the sentence.
Example: Did you mean to write "Pass the glue, please." instead of "Pass the glue!"?

I think lists should include the comma between the second to last item and the "and" before the last time. It keeps multiple lists and lists with multiple items as part of each item from becoming confusing. It also makes it possible to systematically parse the list to figure out what words belong together. Currently both versions are accepted ways of writing it.
Example: I gave Bobby Ray a pair of scissors, some candy, and a balloon.

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