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Weekend Recap

While I'm waiting for warp customers in RO, I'll go ahead and fill this out.

Just before leaving to my brother's place last Friday, the Tinseltown theater called to set up a job interview today at 6:15pm. Well, that is good news however they called back today to change it to next Tuesday at the same time. oh well, just going to wait again. But hey, at least this place can keep track of it's applicants =p K-mart, Sonic, and the Library have yet to call me back -.-

Anyway, this weekend... I drove the majority of the way there and back. (about 5-6 hours of the 9 hour trip) ^_^ I love driving.

On Saturday we all packed in his car and drove to the Ren Fes that he and I had gone to last year. It was still neat and the glass blowing person was cool again. The parts I enjoyed the most were looking at the cute males there :-P heheheh

We got back to his house around 10 or 11pm, did some little things, then got into a big discussion w/my parents and brother about me being gay and them not facing reality and going about like I'm not... blah blah blah, it ended and hopefully they won't make little comments about my wife and kids. (I may have a kid but not a wife...)

Then Sunday afternoon we played a game of Cashflow 202. The entire thing had to be re-explained to mom and dad despite them having had played it several times already. However the most annoying part of that was I explained something to them then Jonathan, my brother, said the exact same thing before I even finished what I was saying. ARGH! I quit that about four turns in cause all my assets kept getting taken away, income reduced, and I was being the brain to everyone else.

I came back to the room it was being played in about two or three hours later and they were starting to get in a discussion of things with my sister. That should've been my clue to leave again but somehow I ended up in it. My sister and I went at it for about an hour and a half then finally I decided it wasn't worth her yelling at me so... I left.

Later that night we saw The Matrix: Reloaded. It was good. Doesn't answer any story questions but lots of action =) I'd recommend it and can't wait for the third and final one, heh =)

On the way home Monday Esther said things that proved she didn't change any from the heated discussion the previous night. *shrugs*

Hmm, interesting. Over the past few days (that I was at the computer anyway) I've begun talking to several new people... all interesting and a few that might be ... ya know. =P Last night at one time I was talking to about six different people at the same time and half of them were new people/people I don't talk to often. I don't want to doubt a good thing but I'm kinda wondering why now? For a while I wasn't talking to anyone of interest.... o.O oh well, I'll enjoy things as they are and deal with new things as they happen. ^_^

hmm, hungry. Must find food. Perhaps even get ready for the day. (a shower in the least)
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