Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Can I get some of that?

I'm at the theater waiting for my next movie. I just watched A Christmas Carol and am about to see Planet 51.

*watches people pass by* Ooo, can I get some of that? Or that? ... ooo, or that? Mmm... :-P

I'm wearing my motorcycle jacket around my shoulders but not through the sleeves. I saw myself in the bathroom mirror and for a moment I thought I looked fairly decent.

*imagines pouncing the two guys that just passed by together* Rowr...

A Christmas Carol disturbs me in some ways. Mainly because the last Christmas spirit used fear, terrorizing Scrooge to make his point. Was fear the only way to make his point? Once the object of that fear has passed does the lesson truely last? I suspect not. Another thing is that the movie shows a very weak willed person. Then again I suppose he wouldn't have gotten in his present condition of he wasn't weak willed.

Yummy... No, seriously. *eyes them the entire way past*

I can vaguely remember the last time I was intimate with anyone. I think it was around the end of July? I may be off by a month or so either way. I'm just not sure what I truely want anymore, so I hesitate to reach out for almost anything.

Ah, well. It will be time to decide soon. When it is I'm sure something will work out. Until then, I'll just watch them walk by.
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