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AGU: Another General Update

I'll start with one thing and work my way from there.

Okay, so Rob and I have come to the mutual decision that things aren't likely to work out between us.I have to agree with him that distance is a major factor, seeing as he lives almost in Arizona and I in Louisiana. We both agree it would've been nice if something could happen but neither of us are up to trying to make it.

Fernando, he's my first ex bf for those that don't know, has been .... o.O .... doing things you wouldn't do on a friendly level. I don't like it. He has his own things to work out. Truth be told, I'm not interested in getting back together with him.

Anna says I have to stop getting a thing for every cute/nice guy I cross paths with, and I agree with her. =x Don't you just love it how that girl is right sometimes? lol. That's actually not new, it just hasn't happened/been solved yet.

*stretches* The chiropractor visits are going good. He says pretty soon I'll be going even less than once a week until I don't need to come in at all. whee. err... yeah, I do need to do the exercises >_>

*yawns* I've been going to sleep at around 4am the past few days. Not the healthiest thing but I am getting around six hours of sleep.

Meh, I must admit I'm waiting for Travis to get online. I missed talking to him yesterday, even if I did get a nice little chat in with Loni. Here I've only been talking to these two a few days yet I feel like I've known them for years... odd? For as much as Travis and I have in common, we do have our differences which would make a relationship interesting, to say the least. I really do want to know what he's been saying around/to Loni that has her thinking we're hitched already, lol.

*yawns again* okay, so six hours was horrible and I'll be yawning and dozing all day. Oh well, I don't want to take a nap and miss him as he comes on. (If he reads this, he can kill me, haha) For that matter, the reason I don't like sleep is because I feel like I'm going to miss something important.

mkay... *thinks* That's all for now. There is probably more however I can't think of it right now.

Chow peeps.
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