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IM Client Woes

I would like a chat client that also acts like a server. I want to be able to stay connected on one client, but then trigger messages to be forwarded to another client when it connects. The first client doesn't even have to have an interface of its own, but the ability to take messages and forward them when a client connects. There's meebo, but I'd like to control the server client. There's libpurple, but that would probably entail writing a lot of custom code to handle that particular challenge, and also figuring out if it would even be possible for a regular Pidgin or Finch client to be able to connect to the custom server client.

The scenario behind this is that I'll often have my IM client, Pidgin, running from the old laptop on the desk, but I'll want to watch TV in bed while continuing a conversation, yet the old laptop is best left alone (dead battery) and connecting a client on another laptop will often produce chaotic results to the client already connected on the other laptop.

Has anyone else faced this particular challenge before? Any suggestions on getting around it?
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