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Web Interfaces: Tiny Tiny RSS (Feed Aggregation); RoundCube (IMAP Email)

I've reinitialized my RSS/Atom feed reader. I discovered Tiny Tiny RSS (their main website is currently down) [Google Cache Version] which uses server-side aggregation with a web interface. It has all the features I've gotten used to from the KDE Akregator client, and then some, but my biggest incentive for choosing them over the other top Google results was because their software has been updated in the last year or two. It supports feed authentication, as well as a method to publicly republish feed items (I'll publish that URL if I ever do, although unlikely).

They have a demo Tiny Tiny RSS installation if you're curious.

For the previously mentioned IMAP webmail client I'm using RoundCube. AJAX-enhanced interface with automatic mail checking, collapsible folders, drag-and-drop organization, etc.

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