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Idolization; Fiercely Independent

It's pretty easy to annoy me with idolization. Jeff Atwood with his The Interview With The Programmer entry easily falls into that category. He claims that if you don't know what someone in a list of 15 people are famous for then you're not worth anything (to him). It's not that I think no one is worth it, but I'm often reminded that no one single handedly does anything anymore; it takes teams of people behind that figure head to get anywhere. Or maybe it's because I'm fiercely independent and don't like the idea that I have to idolize someone to impress others. Be impressed with what I've learned and what I can do, not with who I follow around like a puppy dog. Just because you follow them doesn't mean you're as good as they are, or anywhere near.

Speaking of fiercely independent, I am hereby coming out and saying that I am fiercely indepedent. I don't like having everything done for me. I especially don't like having everything bought for me. I don't mind some things done for me, especially when I've said I can't or don't want to do them. I don't mind some things bought for me, especially when I've said I can't or don't want to buy them. I don't even mind occasional gifts or "I'll pay for you" guestures. But I absolutely detest having the bill constantly paid by other people even when I want to pay my own bill. When I didn't have any money, before this job and the pizza delivery job, I minimized my own expenses to bare necessities and very few goodies (I still believe some entertainment is essential to bare necessities of a healthy life). Simply put, I don't like my choices being taken away and made for me.
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