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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Thoughtfully lost and scared
This is what happens when I lose track of my cell phone.

I went to grab my cell phone to light up the back of the computer case. I was just trying to plug in an audio cable but didn't see the cell phone anywhere near me. I looked in the bathroom and then started to freak out when it wasn't there. I just started a load of laundry with the pants I was wearing today. I threw on my robe and ran downstairs to rummage in the washing machine for the pants. It wasn't there so I felt along the bottom of the machine for it as well. I soon after found it on the kitchen counter where I had laid it down while it was checking it email and I emptied a cup of noodles into a bowl for easier eating.

I'll be spending a few minutes breathing a huge sigh of relief now, thanks.

Current Mood: relieved relieved
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