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What's wrong with email

Here's one major thing wrong with email: Signatures.

There's the name, a given, okay. Then there is the position... if you must. And the company name; fine, fine. And phone numbers... what? Why?? And email address; isn't that already in the header/from? Maybe a logo graphic too, just for good measure. Oh, and the disclaimer, that no one pays attention to. And sometimes even a 'think of the trees before printing this emai' line too with a little cutsie icon.


Geez people, do you think you have enough information that no one cares about after the first message (If that!)? To top it off it all gets repeated every time someone sends a one line response! It's kind of hard to follow the subject when more than 75% of the content is irrelevant to the conversation!

Be kind. Sign your name, maybe your position on the same line and company/url on separate lines, and leave it at that. Everything else is just wasted time and effort. And especially leave alone the large fonts and graphics.
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