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Parental Health

This morning my dad went into surgery to have a kidney/prostate(?) removed(?). Another family member called over the weekend to let me know that a spot or something had been found on the kidney and were going to have it removed. This is the first I've heard of this particular problem and I'm getting all of this second-hand so the specifics are a little unclear. I knew he had a hernia(?) about a month ago, they took care of that, then he had a reaction to the drugs he was given during recovery so recovery took longer than expected. It sounds like he's expecting the recovery from today's surgery to only be a few days, but based on the last one everyone else is expecting it to take a few weeks.

Despite all that he's still trying to remodel the house, do work around the house, and in general make himself useful. I can understand why, although I don't agree. If I were in his place, well over 70 years old, I would be a little concerned about being made useless. But I would know this is only a temporary setback and to take it easy while the body recovers what it can. But, that's his call. I haven't been close to my parents in many many years, so I wouldn't be devastated if I lose them.

I probably won't hear anything back unless something goes completely wrong. Even if I were to call tomorrow the details would be sketchy and it would be like pulling teeth to find out anything directly from the parental units. *shrugs*

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