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Branching out from OkCupid

I've been thinking about trying something different. The selections and responses on OkCupid have been abysimal, so the thought is that maybe another site, like Match, will have a better selection and, hopefully, reply rate. As it stands I've already gone through everyone available locally on OkCupid that I find interesting and tried to contact them, yet the only ones that contact me are ones that I'm not really attracted to (or turn out to have a trait that just wouldn't work, like being a blatant liar or so full of themselves they just don't care).

Has anyone had any experience with Match, or would recommend another site if I'm going to end up plopping down cash (the gay version of eHarmony perhaps?)?

Please keep in mind that I'm not looking for sex so a site like probably isn't going to work. Primarily I want to hang out and share a conversation first to get to know them better, then see where it goes from there. Oh, and poly-friendly.
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