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Going away presents; personality changes

I may have the concept of "Going Away Present" backward. As I understand it I'm supposed to be getting gifts. Instead, without really thinking about it, I'm getting other people gifts instead. Perhaps it's just as well, since I'll be getting rid of most of my stuff over the next month or so.

I had lunch with my lunch group at my last work place today, probably for the last time. We went to Brio in Town Square and the food was excellent. I didn't tell anyone that was my intention, but I paid for everyone as a 'going away' gift. It was then that I was reminded that that isn't normally the tradition, but I don't care.

I was listening to myself talk during lunch and I had the sudden realization that I've started changing suddenly, by a lot. The way I talked, the way I formulated thoughts, the energy I put into it; they were all ... different. More vibrant, more fluid. It's definitely one of those rare but quick and sudden changes I'm often remarking about about my personality.

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