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Train Trip Destinations; Conferences

As part of my train trip around the country I'm thinking one thing to help pass the time and determine where I'll be when is to attend some Cons. So far I've pulled up two from Howard Taylor's list that might be interesting to go to. One being Penguicon in Troy, Michigan at the end of April, and the other being Balticon in Baltimore, Maryland at the end of May. The only problem with trying to attend both of those and Google I/O in San Francisco, California in the middle of May is crisscrossing the entire country multiple times. It would severely limit the amount of time I could spend in any one place and drastically raise the cost of travel. On the other hand, that may be a good thing if I only have accommodations for two or three days at a given place.

How do you plan out something where pretty much everything is in flux yet needs to be reserved weeks in advance?

As for meeting people, I've considered writing a script to pull location data from everyone on LiveJournal and trying to draw a line, making up dates to be at each place, then asking if anyone at that location would be interested in meeting up. The alternative would be to make a general call out (like this?) who would be interested in meeting up, then plotting exact arrival and departure times, and finally confirming those.
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