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Property Preparations

I need to be careful not to go out to eat too much or buy too much this week. I have to use up as much of the items that perish quickly before going away for two weeks.

Once I get back I'm going to have to make lists of everything that is likely to perish within the next three or four months. The items will have to be split between things that someone else might want and things that are just going to be thrown away.

Everything that isn't perishable will be going into storage.

I may select a few items, like video games, books, or movies, and ask around if someone wants to buy or borrow them.

I'm going to sell the car. Probably on Craigslist.

I'll also ask around to see if anyone has room in their garage for a motorcycle and the ability to give it a run around the block once or twice a month to keep it from going bad. I would, of course, compensate them for the space, time, and effort.
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