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Busy busy busy; Preparations; Mozilla Weave; Google Docs

This morning has been somewhat productive. I mailed back the health insurance application, submitted the passport application, opened a PO box, and just sent the vacate notice to my landlord. I think I've also found someone to take care of / use the motorcycle while I'm gone.

In other news, I recently installed Mozilla Weave to almost every installation of Firefox I have. It's syncing my bookmarks, passwords, preferences, and history between installations. I no longer have to worry about which computer has which bookmarks or passwords. Eventually I may try implementing my own Weave server so I can bring all that data in-house. Weave encrypts/decrypts it on the client side so I'm actually not too worried about that, so that may only happen if the Mozilla Weave server goes down.

I've also started using Google Docs for this-and-that writings between computers and remote people (technical specifications, etc). It seems to be working out fairly well so far, but that doesn't mean I'll be copying everything over to it. I still prefer to keep things locally if possible.

Now to get back to the Symfony tutorial and a few other projects.
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