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Flight Status Update; Waiting in Atlanta, GA

At the time of writing this I'm sitting in the Atlanta, GA airport. I took my time packing so I was up all night. I keep forgetting that just because I've already had breakfast, lunch, and supper doesn't mean I won't need to eat again if I'm up until breakfast again. I had a yogurt just before getting picked up at 4:45pm. I had a fruit and cheese mini-box on the plane. I'm now having a cup of chicken noodle soup. My stomach is still not particularly happy with me at the moment.

I fell asleep waiting for the plane to pull away from the terminal. I didn't wake up until the pilot was announcing that we had reached 10,000 feet. I've often thought it was amusing that people fall asleep during take off since that's the single most exciting event about flying to me. I can see why people would, though.

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