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Walking about; Locked out (again)

I'm going to get a little more walking in than I had anticipated.

Yesterday I walked to the post office to mail a copy of my room key to the landlord's realtor, then turned around and walked to a grocery store for a few meal items. That was about 2 to 3 miles.

Today I was going to walk to Papa Johns to see my old manager (I'm there now, but she won't be here until 4pm). Then I was going to walk over to Wal-mart for a few more items before heading back. Except, I automaticly locked the door and didn't realize it until I had closed the door behind me. I'm going to be out and about, walking around and entertaining myself, until my brother gets home around 5pm or so.

I have to remember to bring my copy of his house key with me the next time I visit. Oops.
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