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Folding Bike; Cirque Du Soleil Shows; Dragon*Con; Money Thoughts

I've ordered the Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike that had numerous good reviews from Amazon's listing. It should be here late next week so I can try it out and take it back with me on the plane (trial run of carrying it along with my luggage).

I've also ordered tickets for Mystere on the 15th and Zumanity on the 16th through a 49$ locals offer. I would also have ordered tickets for KA on the 17th but TicketMaster wouldn't process it while they had a pending payment for Zumanity (Mystere went through another provider). I'll try again this evening or tomorrow.

I went ahead and purchased my 'membership' to Dragon*Con for September this year.

Lots of money going out the door really fast. It's not that I'm about to run out, but I'm starting to feel a little more conscious about what I spend it on since I know it won't be renewing any time soon. Less than 1,000$ spent so far, but still...
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