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Bulletin Updates! Recent activity, upcoming stuff

Bulletin Format To The Rescue!

  • Tickets for KA on the 17th are official now.
  • The folding bike will be arriving around the 10th here.
  • My brother and I had another bowl of the leftover Pot Roast this evening. The rest we dropped off at my sister's place. There was still a lot left.
  • My sister's husband let me borrow his bike so I can get around town easier. My brother had to put air in the tires and oil the chain, so if it's still in good shape by morning then I'll take it out for a haircut and possibly others.
  • First thing in the morning I'll be helping my brother get his car back from the shop and returning the rental.
  • Yesterday I enjoyed several Watch Instantly videos on Netflix.
  • I'm waiting for updates to download and install before restarting into Windows so I can continue watching Breakfast With Scot
  • I'm also making lunch (or dinner) plans with a few people still in Las Vegas so I can see them one more time before heading off.

With the updates done I'll be off now.

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